The Hof am Keller

The first proprietor who is known by name was Nikolaus am Keller, in 1431.

From 1522, Sigmund Velderer am Keller and his wife Dorothea owned the estate. Sigmund married twice and had four daughters. In 1531, he transferred ownership of the estate to his daughter Anna, but retained control over it for the rest of his life. At that time, the estate was in good condition. Besides animal husbandry, Sigmund was also involved in the wine business. He sold wine to places as far away as Sterzing / Vipitano, Schwaz, and the court district of Kufstein.

In 1558, Sigmund’s daughter Anna was followed by her daughter Cristina, who married four times, but ultimately left behind only a single daughter, named Maria, to inherit the estate. In 1589, Maria’s guardian transferred the estate to a cousin named Hans Teiss, a son of Cristina’s sister Ursula. When Hans Teiss’s son Sigmund died in 1647, his son (likewise named Sigmund Teiss) inherited the Hof am Keller. This second Sigmund Teiss am Keller married Magdalena Atlmayrin von Innsbruck and died in 1670, leaving the estate behind to his son Sigmund – the third Sigmund Teiss am Keller, who married Anna Ursula Englmohr von Aufkirchen zu Moregg. At the Hof am Keller, Sigmund continued trading in wine, selling it inter alia in Schwaz. Nevertheless, he was heavily indebted, and died in 1700.

Ownership then devolved first to the widow and then to the son, Sigmund Antonj. After his death, his daughter, Anna Maria Makobitz née Antonj, inherited it. She died without issue. The estate then passed to the maternal relatives: to the von Englmohr Family in the Pusteria Valley. They retained possession of it until 1777. In that year, the brothers Johann Karl von Engelmohr and Joseph Innozenz von Englmohr divested themselves of the estate.

1777: Anna Maria Franklin ∞ I. Jakob Teiss and II. Thomas   Franzelin

1790: Thomas Teiss ∞ Anna Puchschwenterin

1792: Paul Pfitscher from Glen

1814: his two daughters Gertraud Pfitscher ∞ Johann Solderer and Anna Pfitscher ∞ Blasy March

1824: only Anna Pfitscher ∞ Blasy March

1859: his son: Josef March ∞ I. Anna Haas and II. Anna Franzelin

1876: his son Josef March and Tochter Katharina March ∞ Piffrader from Klausen

1890: Josef March Alleininhaber

1930: his sons Josef, Anton, Bartholomäus und Franz March

1933: only Anton March

1978: his son  Josef March ∞ Herlinde Vescoli

At the end of 2018:  daughter Maike March ∞ Christian Ventir

Our wine cellar

We invite you to spend, with a good glas of wine , an gregariuos evenign in our wine cellar.

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